Just recently, a friend of mine passed me an article. The function of editing a post was opened conditionally. Because FaceBook wants to prevent the recurrence of fake news events, only the editorial links of the media type fans are currently open, and other fans cannot edit po texts. However, after the “Certified Domain” can be edited and posted. I see this news and actually try to run a process.

facebook vertify

Facebook Official description Domain verification features

Verifying the domain is completely free and it also protects content security. Businesses can verify the online domain to edit domain links. After the domain is verified, you can claim and maintain edit permissions for your content and links. With domain verification, publishers and advertisers have control over who can edit their content.

FaceBook domain verification instructions

First found the official teaching of FaceBook, if you do not have a business platform, apply first, then add fans. (This step is omitted) 創建企業平台

Enter the enterprise platform settings => Click on the security on the left navigation => Domain Verification
FaceBook domain vertify

The most important thing is on this side. Facebook offers you two ways to verify the domain.

The first method Added DNS record verification

Find your domain hosting place => Then increase dns txt (format can refer to google teaching, remember to change the code to FaceBook)

It is strongly recommended that you watch google’s new dns txt tutorial, just remember to put fb on the code, and write it one million times better than FaceBook….

FaceBook DNS txt guide document
Recommend to see Google DNS txt teaching process

Although I use godaddy’s domain, because I don’t use them to host, I use a less popular hosting provider, so I don’t stick with my own process.

The second method html file verification

First download the html file, add it in the root directory, and then load the page. This method seems to be the simplest and straightforward, assuming you are free to control the host.

After the two-step alternative is completed, wait for a period of time, and then click Verify to complete.

Write this article, we recommend that you see Google google dns txt teaching, all major domain custodians have, plus flow chart illustrations, it really is google ah.

facebook vertify pass
Because the URL has a redirect relationship, it is closed….