After sorting out the latest interview experience, I’m looking for a second front-line job title. I started looking for a job in March, mainly with 104, yourator, and ptt. I’m looking for useful frameworks or future applications. Picking the company’s products is mainly web-related. Almost all of them have active resumes, and only one of them has asked for an interview.

I’m using online resume made with cakeresume. I feel a lot better than the 104. It’s simple and easy to use. It also allows you to use html to change the style. It’s highly recommended. ??



personal background

Two years ago, one-and-a-half years of front-end work experience, work mainly using css, html, javascript, bootstrap?, jquery, react.js, concatenation of various api? Have written jsp, jstl?, Occasionally help write controller.

The company currently has a front-end and is responsible for a wide range of areas. So participate in full-featured development, interviewing many things to talk about. In addition, because of my last job, every company will almost always talk to SEO.

Because I want to be able to hone my front-end technology, I choose to look outside for work.

interview company

1.You eat?

Because love and food are my favorite apps, you can find restaurants nearby, so now you don’t hesitate to take a resume. ?

onsite interview

First of all, with two technical co-founder interview, it is amazing that there are currently only two technical staff, one responsible for ios plus front-end, another responsible for android plus back-end, originally thought it was a few start-up companies (Because yourator photo is a lot of XD?), to make such an app is really powerful.

First of all, introduce yourself, come back to the company, talk about me as a little fan, talk about using feelings, suggestions, and then come the simple javascript problem.

The last is a written test - Use google hangout to share the screen, written a total of five questions, the subject needs to communicate with the interviewer to understand the situation, needs, and the other is to use the JEST test.

Probably the idea is to deal with sorting, filtering array data, immutable, and deconstructing assignments, etc. The logic is not too difficult, but there are many traps. I go directly from work and do not eat dinner. I am hungry. I actually go to the back of my head. A blank space, and then each subject must ask the interviewer to know, write stuck in the middle section of the test.

After this interview, let me know the importance of immutable, processing information should pay attention to whether it has changed to itself. Handling arrays with push, pop, shift, unshift, reserve, sort, splice will change the original array. This concept is very helpful in dealing with complex arrays of global variables.

Result: Thanks letter


To mention the company environment, although there are not many people in the company, the space is very comfortable, and the comfortable decor is accompanied by bar tables, sofas and so on.

onsite interview

Going in will give you a logical test of Chinese first, giving you an article. The article will give you a link between each item and the person, who’s next door is what it is, and you want to derive the relationship between the last person and the item. I think it’s difficult, think about it should be ok.

The topic I got was to modify the google map’s mouse event and trigger the mouse to change the screen css. If you want to use the official website to make changes directly, if the google map event is useful, it should be considered simple.

After the interview with the technical director, inseparable from self-introduction, after the chat, know that the company’s core features to use react to rewrite, the future plans to launch the react native app, the current team on a back-end technical staff. Saying that I asked about browser support, the technical director asked for the best possible support. I also thought that my company’s support for Internet Explorer 9 was very wide. I didn’t expect much support here. I was very surprised.

Finally, the technical director mentioned that there are currently many front-end candidates, so it is expected to notify the other side at the end of the month. Well, it sounds like there should be no sound card.

Result: Silent card

3. Yahoo (104)

People first call to inform the applicant of missing information, and about the telephone interview time, I received a phone call to know that my delivery is about appointment, but I would like to say interview yahoo should allow me to learn a lot, they promised to follow-up interview Now.

Phone interview:

First by the department technical director, front-end call interview. I have not answered many questions below, such as the principle of event loop, settimeout, how to solve cross-domain CORS, the process is a bit like asking questions and answering questions.

Phone interview questions:
Webpage loading process, display all type, Cookie localstorage sessionstorage, CSS box model, Javasctipt Event loop, settimeout principle, CORS processing, Promise principle, function

onsite interview

Will ask you to share screen projection. First of all, if you ask for a prime number, throw in a number input, and then get all the prime numbers below it, my first step is to get stuck on how to distinguish the prime number, and the technical supervisor has prompted me, but unfortunately I didn’t finish it.

Next, interview one-on-one with the front-end engineers, asking you to first cut the layout, and then you want to set the center or horizontal set the top, and then to test your following these topics, first from the css concept, and then come javascript basis, behind Begin to enter react, still not familiar with so here is still full of misery, redux also skips directly. The last question is a promise, constantly extending promises and asking you for the flow? of each of these steps.

The engineer is in the process of interviewing. If you make a mistake, he will also say the correct answer and then explain the reason. This is great, not only one-way you ask me to answer.

Onsite Topic:
Css - typesetting, selector, box-modal, border box-sizing
Js - event loop, this, eettimeout,hosisting,let named function processing hoisting

React - HOC high order component, state prop, Stateless component
Es6 - Introducing es6 New Features, Promise


onsite interview

Medpartner is a start-up company doing medical content. I am the recruiting information I saw on PTT. The chief technology officer served as the interviewer. The interviewer was a great graduate of the National Taiwan University. He was an entrepreneur and sincerely introduced himself to you. It was my interviewer who most seriously introduced himself and made people feel sincere and sincere. After introducing myself, I learned that companies need to develop e-commerce and software afterwards, and the current team lacks front-line roles.

After you finish chatting, you will start to study whiteboard topics. However, you can use the laptop to write well first, to test your judgments on arrays and objects, and then to extend it. You need to write performance algorithms that have 3 questions. I only wrote two questions. I may be in a hurry, so let me dictate the logic.

Video Interview

Next is the video interview. Before the admission, we need to chat with the founder. The founder is very, very enthusiastic. He mentioned many of his entrepreneurial ideas and hoped that the society can achieve common prosperity. The company also has good benefits, weekly or monthly bonuses, etc. But after declining to think about the invitation, individuals still want to join the company with front-line teams.

Result: Received the offer


Practice Test

Voicetube is using vue, which is the only company I deliver with a framework other than react.

First, it will send you technical tables and problems to implement, technical tables mixed backend, front-end technology name, cloud server, php back end did not involve, almost no tick …. The implementation topic is to give you an api, and then give you a sketch file, you want to achieve mockup, concatenated api, there is no limited type, I chose to use React to write, probably took a morning to finish, met at the beginning The problem of CORS, the time factor did not own a string of past, choose to build their own false information. Time, layout, or strings need attention, and the rest should not be particularly difficult.

onsite interview

At the same time with the company’s back-end, front-end, technical director interview together, first introduced by myself, and then the front-end engineers for the actual codereview, asked why the full details of this writing, some writing memory performance can be better, most It was important to realize that I actually forgot to adjust RWD. Compared to other companies, there are not many front-end technical issues. The main processes are like I share my own technical implementation, and everyone discusses technical solutions together.

Later became a one-on-one interview with the technical director, more like a one-on-one chat, the whole process is very enjoyable, sharing a lot of voicetube views on the use of new technologies, as well as teamwork processes, as well as voicetube also pays great attention to SEO, other about Voicetube operating details will not be shared.

Although it was the most pleasant and smooth company for all interviews, it was surprising to receive a thank-you note. Perhaps the framework is different, and perhaps my technology is not enough.

Result: Thanks letter


Practice Test

Received the interview question is codity online test, a total of three questions I chose to use javascript to answer, the first question is the array processing, the second question debug, the third question ajax processing screen, the answer time is about 2 hours, the third question did not Answer, because I do not know how to codity screen processing.

onsite interview

The interview was conducted at the same time as the front-end engineer and the person in charge of the department of the other department. It was unexpected that I did not ask me questions about the codity. Instead, the supervisor asked me in detail about the process of learning the front end. There was also a problem of marketing to the front end. Remaining knowledge of my career. Next is the front-end engineer interview, asked some technical questions, introduced the contents of the work after the responsibility, very simple to end the interview.

Briefing Interview

The topic is to optimize the code that was once written. Whether it is UX, performance, or coding style, it will receive the offer just after receiving the title, because the applicant department will only have one front end and will not follow the interview after thinking about it.

Result: Refused to Interview


The last-selected company was not written on it. In total, it interviewed seven companies. It took about three or four days to interview, and finally got two offers. There was no particular salary. Because I use the same annual salary (front-end junior salary) to talk about.

There was a slight leetcode easy medium before the exam, but in fact it was not helpful. It was better to learn about the new ES6 features. The interview questions were not as difficult as the medium, but the projection screen exams were too tight. Two of the interviews did not eat dinner. Hungry will be more uncomfortable and your head will be blank. After yahoo’s interview, the engineer asked me to eat biscuits and interview… because it was really hungry.

And remember to bring a laptop with you, not to introduce yourself to the demo work. Almost all the interviews are on the machine. In addition to react on javascript, almost everyone interview questions are almost the same, ES6, evenet loop, this, as css full of companies are simply brought over, only yahoo is full of css.

Technically, companies are now using the front-end separation, back-end php, java processing api, node.js are handled by the front-end, have done server side render optimization SEO. Then many companies release IE9 XDDD and css uses flex.

After the actual interview, I can feel my lack of places. I’m not familiar with the underlying principles of full-fledged technology. When asked to go deeper, I’m asked to fall back and finally I can expect to be more oily.

Thank you for reading.