SWhat is EO optimization? SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Chinese is called search engine optimization. Simply speaking, when using google, yahoo, bing and other search engines to search, the website can be ranked in front, and it is easier for users to be clicked.

SEO is totally different from the adword keyword ads that people often see. Adwords can be ranked first by spending money. But SEO cannot do anything (not mentioning black hat here). He can only improve his rankings through various means. To make a long story short is that you want to make your site good enough and good enough, let these search engines run the algorithm when the weight score is high enough to rank you.

google search

To briefly introduce some of the content of google guildline.
(The following are for google)

SEO google official teaching

If you look at the hundred and one thousand articles outside, it’s better to look at this official document first.google seo guideline,There are the most basic and important concepts in it.
(More Detailed Version Search Engine Optimization Beginner’s Guide - Google)

Here are some important parts.

Website Index

Your website or new page is made. You need to know and be indexed by Google to appear when Google searches. If there is no opportunity for the index to be 0, there are several ways to make google index. The first one is sitemap. For a list of all urls, let google review your site directly and submit it to the sitemap section inside google webmasters.

Another method is to search suggest manually one by one keyin URL, about one minute or so will be indexed, the last is to rely on links to index, assuming that your site has shared links to other sites, when other sites are crawled, through the link You will also index your site by the way.

This demand is likely to happen when the new official website is just on the line. Searching for a brand name may never occur. The boss will start walking in the north. Remember to submit your site at this time.

Website is properly marked independently

Title is important, title is important, title is important, um… After so many years, it has always been super important. Each title must be unique and not repeatable, so google can understand the content of your web page.

Also do not think that you will use the same keyword for each page will be useful (for example: Mug - high CP cheap ptt recommended after the title of each page), will be ignored when the brand word, this page content to say what, when In the outline, there is something to write.

As for the description description, although it is not included in the ranking element, it is also very important. The search may be listed according to the description. The remaining meta og title image… are all tags used by the community, such as line twitter facebook. Used, as well as remember to write.

With the rest of the site language tag hreflang, let’s be full.

There are also structuring tags that google has launched over the years to allow your site to display different content (scores, time, prices, etc.) in search results, according to the product categories listed by google.google search galleryUse different tags, (I’ve just launched the fluorescent pen two years ago. Well…it was unresponsive at that time. I’ll be able to test the json tag at a later time.)

Content Optimization

Determining the ranking is a complex algorithm. Therefore, to make the program easy to identify the content, your web page should be crawled to the content by google robot. Try to avoid using javascript to generate content (use SSR or PSR if you want). Do not use the entire page. The picture, google will not care about your picture inside to write glutinous rice (can climb to understand but also ignore), remember to use the picture to catch the text to do positioning layout.

Recommend the use of html5 tags, h1 nav section footer, etc., as well as pictures, videos, links are indeed added alt introduction, pictures plus alt can also appear in the image search.

The rest is [excellent] content. My personal opinion is that there is something to say. Do not use the title to play the cheapest macbook. Actually, it is not cheaper.

The most important thing is not to copy and paste other people’s content. This is very important. Google has always attached great importance to originality. Suppose your website is copying other people’s content. Even if you come on the website, you will still retreat to the following.

rwd mobile web page

Google announced mobile search independently for 15 years, rwd ranking,It means that the website must be compatible with the mobile phone. It is very important that there are several implementations of the mobile web page. The simplest is the responsive design. The css media query is used to change the width of the screen. The other is the mobile webpage. There are actually two Pages, one for desktop and another for mobile, remember to announce each other.

Methods as below

// Desktop page markup
<link rel="alternate" media="only screen and (max-width: 640px)" href="http://Mobile URL">
//Mobile page
<link rel="canonical" href="http://Desktop URL>

Make a web page and remember to make a good version of the mobile phone at the same time. Now that the proportion of users using the mobile phone has exceeded half of the desktop, not doing so has equaled the flow rate by half.

Website Speed

Google recently announced that it wants to add website speed to mobile rankings mobile rankings, But to be honest, the speed of website loading is already very important. Usually the biggest impact is on hosting, website pictures, remember that the hosting company should not buy too far, or hang up all day long. The picture movie should be compressed or With cdn, I used to have a bunch of 1.5M images and the entire loading process was like a slide.

Assuming your site is slow to load, consult the engineers about what problems they encountered, or use google’s tools to modify them after running the tests.

In fact, it is necessary to fully comply with Google’s recommendations, but also full of the need for Web engineer’s help, some things are very subtle, for example, pictures should be added alt pull, some will affect the development process or compress images, css, js, etc., because some team factors , I did not compress css, js.

Written with the correct title, description, which is full of technical problems, copywriting professional or marketing ah, today the same activity page engineer may only be title (coupon draw - xxx)?, marketing may be (limited time limit 50% discount coupons, to grab faster - xxx), title will greatly affect the seo ranking, ah, which is often overlooked in the company. The website on-line enginer does not necessarily submit web pages.

In the past, when marketing, they also used some methods to quickly flush rankings, and used facebook communities to share information to blow up traffic. The rankings immediately reached the front. However, the previous year had no sense in using this method, or it was the first to properly handle the site architecture and content.

Assuming that you want to do content marketing, remember to use the keyword planning tool in adword to determine which keywords users are searching for. Remember that there is no traffic without requirements.

SEO Utilities

Finally, introduce some useful tools:

  1. google analytics

    One of the tools that must be installed to do the most basic ga of the website and watch the overall traffic, super important and super important.

  2. google webmaster

    Two of the tools that must be installed can directly affect google robots or site search related settings.

  3. Tools for record ranking rankaware

    Utilities let you enter the keywords that you need to track and automatically climb out of the rankings. Rankaware has its disadvantages. It is crawled with you ip, too frequent search will be google block, so can not climb all the keywords at once,

  4. Compress website onlineoptimizilla

    Currently used, the only tool that compresses images to pass (google check page)。

  5. adword 關鍵字規劃

    Enter the keyword plan to see the number of recent user searches.

  6. google pagespeed tool

    Check online speed of Google’s online tools.

  7. mobile-friendly

    Check whether the website meets mobile friendly.

  1. awoo球來就打

    Check the part of the page that needs to be corrected and try it for free.

  2. seo tw

    The tool for tracking keywords, free of charge every day, will automatically change the entire department.

Finally recommend that you watch google webmaster official youtube broadcast, there will be google official online question and answer, about the time is Taiwan night, although it is all in english, but its practical words are similar, unless the indians are talking ….

Also can track the official blog - webmaster blogThere is usually the fastest news announcement.

There are even more including 301 forwarding, duplicate content processing of different URLs, cache settings, ajax processing crawlers, and so on. The first is not in this introduction, but you are interested in google.

Thoughts of SEO work

One year or two of seo’s impression is that when you run a webpage, you do not get to the first page or the first few, you have problems, and you have to do it is good, do not know to do the first few behind the pay How much blood and tears. To be the first, it takes time to maintain the rankings.

Let’s say you haven’t made any achievements yet. If you take these documents and look for engineers to discuss, the engineers will not be able to deal with you. They also feel that you are in trouble. Doing seo is a war.

Perhaps it was before the small companies that often made me think that seo was not valued and it was difficult to make achievements. The company also seemed to feel good…well, very good, and then everyone went back and continued to do the original thing. Then it was over … and didn’t cherish these two or three times more traffic.

(in the above complaints)

Really appreciate the above a lot of content, thank you first!